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Build or Buy: Optimizing Informatics for Genetic Testing

Expanding Lab Capabilities to Ensure Flexibility and Scalability

To meet the increasing demand for personalized, patient-centric care, many healthcare facilities are choosing to bring genetic testing into their labs. As this trend continues, organizations that continue to send out while others build their capabilities risk losing patients.

Whether starting or scaling genetics testing-in house, facilities looking to expand their capabilities will need to decide whether to build or buy an informatics solution to support their growth. While many labs start small, gradually adding manual processes and spreadsheets, the volume of data and complicated procedures involved in a molecular lab can quickly become overwhelming and stall any future initiatives.

Sunquest’s new white paper Build or Buy: Optimizing Informatics for Genetic Testing looks at the essential questions labs need to ask as they prepare to enhance their testing capacity:

  • What are the key drivers for adding or increasing genetic testing capabilities?
  • Where are resources best directed to speed the time to implementation and realize return on investment?
  • How does the complexity of genomic data impact the efficiency and accuracy of genetic testing?
  • Who are the critical stakeholders and partners when developing an effective informatics solution?
  • What steps can labs take to ensure that they are using the most accurate, up-to-date variant knowledge and sharing it with clinicians in a timely way?
  • How does the integration of the informatics components of a molecular lab effect diagnostics?

With a clearer understanding of the factors involved in growing an in-house genetics testing program, healthcare facilities can feel confident they are taking that next step in the right direction.

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