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Part 1: Development of Real-Time Analytics to Support an Automated Core Lab

Sunquest & API Series

Sunquest and API are proud to kick off a new series of webinars that discuss ways in which pathology informatics can be used as a powerful management tool by today’s innovative labs and lab leaders. The series, “Using Laboratory-Based Data to Increase Quality and Reduce Costs” provides insight and guidance about how to use descriptive analytics to make data-driven decisions and recommendations relating to lab management and ultimately improve health system performance.

Part 1

Dr. Mark Tuthill from Henry Ford Health System, kicked off the series with: “Development of Real-Time Analytics to Support an Automated Core Lab”. This webinar will step the audience through the process of linking and mapping lab-based data as the basis for recommendations to improve lab operations, provide excellent clinical care, and support for the health system.

Stay tuned for more webinars

Look for more webinars hosted by Sunquest and API in the series in October and November, and subsequent months in which speakers will focus on using lab-generated data to drive managerial and clinical decisions for digital pathology, molecular testing, pre-analytic testing, and population health.


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