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The Challenges of Pathology Informatics in Large Health Systems Part 2

Part 2 of this series will first delve into the integration and interoperability challenges specific to healthcare. The discussion will have a particular focus on LIS integration and then on integration of LISs with EHRs across hospitals. The issue of competition for capital from other IT projects will also be brought into the discussion. The interoperability of IT across hospitals is much in the news and relates to the portability of patient data and sharing across health systems.

Analytics is defined as the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. Lab-based analytic projects often fall to pathology informaticians because they have a natural inclination toward such work and also because business-oriented projects often crop up in the clinical labs. Moreover, pathology will be in the forefront of predictive analytics that will drive reflexive testing and the use of machine learning to predict patients’ future diseases with a high degree of accuracy. We are in the golden age of diagnostic medicine.


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