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The Challenges of Pathology Informatics in Large Health Systems Part 1

Part 1 of a series covers the challenge of establishing robust methods of inter-professional communication between the lab and clinicians, as well as the lab and the rest of your organization in an increasingly digital world. Complexities of the lab are often lost on those outside of the department. Learn how to build and manage communication in terms of the lab’s ability to demonstrate and maximize its value to the organization, to physicians and ultimately to improved patient care.

Next, we will turn our attention to communication between informaticians in the pathology department and C-suite executives with special attention on the CIO. Because enterprise-wide solutions are increasingly being adopted by health systems, the central IT groups are interposed between pathology and the LIS/EHR vendor This can lead to inefficiencies and miscommunication. Suggestions will be made about how to “diagnose” and “repair” some of these problems.


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