Scale Your Molecular Lab for Volume & Complexity
While Improving Efficiency and Patient Care

Our instrument-agnostic LIMS adapts to
your lab, your way so you can focus on
what matters most

Sunquest Mitogen™ LIMS was purpose-built for the
molecular lab. Cloud-based, scalable, and configurable,
it includes out-of-the-box workflows that can also be
tailored to meet your needs. Built-in lab analytics
monitor daily operations; and expansive instrument
connectivity allows integration with more than 300
instruments. Drive quality care and workflow efficiency.
Isn’t it time to run your lab, your way?

Features & benefits of Sunquest Mitogen
LIMS include:

?Out-of-the-box workflows that can also be configured for you
?Driver-level connectivity with 300+ instruments
?Detailed audit trails to track the flow through your lab so you are compliance-ready
?Powerful resource tracking & management
?Intuitive operational dashboard for data analytics and reporting

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