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A Proven Software Solution for Faster, More Accurate Information Exchange for Disease Tracking, Contact Tracing and Incident Reporting

Sunquest WorldCare™ helps public health agencies like yours meet data modernization initiative goals by making complex, reportable infectious and chronic disease data interoperable. It is a next-generation public health data management solution that integrates incoming disease incident information from disparate sources—as small as local points of care or as large as national reportable incident data packages—and integrates with any number of health information exchange databases for near real-time situation reporting and epidemiological analytics. Sunquest WorldCare is connecting agencies for faster, response-ready data systems that are robust, resilient and interoperable.

Focus On Each Community
Flexible & Scalable

Quickly manage incredible volumes of case reports and new users.

Safeguard Your Community

Streamline and automate workflows, configure reports, add/modify data to combat future disease threats, & facilitate electronic reporting.

Trace Contacts & Transmission
Fully Connected

Respond quickly to disease incidents by using built-in system tools to connect agencies with laboratories, hospitals and healthcare providers.

Reduce Silos

Go live immediately upon install. Sunquest WorldCare is a COTS solution that is ready to install.

Be Prepared For Outbreaks
Standards-Based Architecture

For US users, meet architectural and NEDSS-compatible data transmission standards set in the CDC NNDSS Modernization Initiative.

Maintain Compliance
Targeted Case Management

Monitor searchable data at every stage of patient care.

public health manage disease

Address the needs of public health organizations for ELR and other compliance standards

public health manage disease

Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management System

Sunquest WorldCare can help departments of health, labs and hospitals enhance public health practices, improve community wellness and comply with disease reporting requirements.

World Care Product Brief

Sunquest WorldCare is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud enabling HIPAA-compliant access, authentication, and storage.

Some of the modules that work with the Sunquest WorldCare solution include

Implement Effective Disease Surveillance Protocols
  • Investigate notifiable diseases and conditions, trace contacts, track disease transmission and identify emerging outbreaks
  • Define and capture data elements based on the disease or event under investigation
  • Interface with multiple systems and integrate siloed data (ELR, eICR, HIE, EMR, EHR) into a single repository for electronic reporting and analysis
  • Review disease incidents with data from multiple sources seamlessly compiled within the disease surveillance and outbreak management system
Support Public Health Activities and Interventions
  • Access powerful tools for chronic disease management and health-based interventions with the Sunquest WorldCare Case Management capability
  • Support primary public health goals in your community, such as tuberculosis management, maternal and child health, and public health nursing activities
Meet Reporting Obligations to Safeguard Public Health
  • Assess dynamic disease trends in your community with real-time graphs
  • Generate pre-configured reports such as epi curves (epidemic curves)
  • Create extensive user-configurable reports with the report generator
Intuitively Link Patients, Incidents and Contacts
  • Flexible Contact Investigation and Tracing capabilities enable association between exposure locations, identifying characteristics and chains of transmission
  • Powerful system tools allow clients to link persons to outbreaks, group events, animals and to designate clusters