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Dashboard for Monitoring Laboratory Information System (LIS), Interface and Hardware Performance

Sunquest Tempo™ provides Sunquest systems health monitoring to ensure that systems are running optimally, and that administrators are proactively alerted. This ensures that they can attend to the system to prevent any issues occurring and more effectively and efficiently manage their laboratories.

The speed and versatility of the Sunquest Tempo solution provides vital information in near real time alerts to ensure that actual or potential systems issues can be dealt with immediately.

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Time Savings

Reduce time spent by providing proactive alerts when systems performance falls below certain predefined thresholds

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Customize dashboards and widgets to show the information most relevant to end users

Longitudinal Icon

View and measure both the current and historical performance of core Sunquest products

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Proactive Support

Sunquest Product Support assists across all core Sunquest products including Clinical and Anatomic Pathology products

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Centralized Administration

Web-based tool that enables easier access and deployment of new functionality

Proactively Ensure that Issues are Immediately and Efficiently Identified with Real Time Alerts

Manage your System’s Complex Maintenance and Ensure Interface and Server Connectivity for Processing the Vital Information your Organization Relies on

Sunquest Tempo™ helps you monitor the health of your core Sunquest applications and hardware, including the status of application services, interfaces and hardware performance.

Tempo Product Brief

Sunquest Tempo can monitor any of these Sunquest solutions:

Provide Proactive Support
  • Receive automated emails when system performance drops below user-defined thresholds
  • Monitor systems at multiple laboratory locations conveniently
  • Proactively engage when issues are detected
Focus On The Most Important Metrics
  • Monitor the system health information you find most valuable
  • Simplify user setup with role-based system monitoring
  • Customize the dashboard with widgets
Monitor Core Sunquest Solutions In Real Time
  • Know if an interface goes down
  • Stay ahead of hardware performance
  • Track the status of application services