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Lab Order Workflow and Customer Service Solution for Patient Service Centers to Improve the Patient Experience, Order Processing and Customer Service

Sunquest PSC Portal offers efficient patient check-in, order fulfilment and payment collection, with shorter wait times for patients that present at a patient service center. Sunquest PSC Portal promotes strong customer service and increases patient satisfaction.

Then and Now

with Sunquest Atlas

Prevent Leakage Icon
Prevent Leakage

Route orders placed from EMRs or physician portal, and prevent missing orders

Support Patient Satisfaction Icon
Support Patient Satisfaction

Help reduce wait times and extra needle sticks

Increase Revenue Icon
Increase Revenue

Validate for medical necessity and capture complete clean orders

Manage Orders Icon
Manage Orders

Prevent missed or duplicate draws, and view standing and future orders

Streamline Phlebotomist Workflow Icon
Streamline Phlebotomist Workflow

Provide tube management options to guide blood draws

Communicate With Physicians Icon
Communicate With Physicians

Inform physicians of patient no-shows

Create a Positive Patient Experience

Create a Positive Patient Experience at Remote Blood Draw Locations, with Efficient Check-in and Processing

Create a Positive Patient Experience

Order Workflow and Customer Service Solution For Patient Service Centers

A valuable service for physicians who do not perform in-office draws, Sunquest Patient Service Center (PSC) Portal promotes strong customer service and increases patient satisfaction

PSC Portal Product Brief 2018

Some of the modules that work with Sunquest PSC Portal solution include:

Optimize Order Handling And Processing
  • Process physician portal and EMR-initiated orders
  • View standing orders and future orders automatically when the patient presents
  • Merge multiple orders for the same patient, when appropriate
  • Create new orders manually using physician site preferences, including test and diagnosis favorites
Enhance The Patient Experience
  • Reduce wait times and improve the check-in process
  • Reduce multiple draws with a multiple-order view across the enterprise
  • Allow patients to present at any draw center
Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Configure lab-defined clinical and business rules
  • Reduce monthly write-offs and increase revenue with advance beneficiary notices (ABNs) and patient balance review
  • Alert the physician office of patient no-shows, based on a configurable window of time

Our Sunquest Atlas™ solutions can support specialized workflows for anatomic pathology order entry with body mass diagrams, requisitions, labels and customized reporting — including the ability to combine clinical and AP reports.