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Anatomic Pathology (AP) Informatics that Go Beyond a Laboratory Information System (LIS) to Support Your Lab’s Business

Sunquest PowerPath® is an integrated laboratory diagnostics solution spanning all aspects of the anatomic pathology laboratory. It delivers industry-leading capabilities for reporting, specimen tracking, digital pathology integration and more. Pathologists will appreciate the case-centric experience with integrated synoptic reporting, ad hoc discrete data searches and built-in image capture. One of the key features of Sunquest PowerPath is its integration with Sunquest VUE™. Together, these solutions drive a comprehensive and streamlined diagnostic workflow along with a customizable and holistic view of the patient for integrated reporting. Don’t settle for the capabilities of a basic EHR anatomic pathology laboratory information system module.

Improve Care Coordination Icon
Improve Care Coordination

Leverage Standards-based EHR Integration for Ordering and Results Retrieval

Streamline Reporting Icon
Streamline Reporting

Automate Reporting of Clinical, Anatomic, Molecular Results from Complementary Systems or Instruments

Adopt Pathology Innovations Icon
Adopt Pathology Innovations

Go Paperless, Use Digital Pathology and Access Discrete Data

Optimize Workflows Icon
Optimize Workflows

Reduce waste by using workflows, rules, voice recognition, interfaces and templates

Aids Compliance & Accreditation Icon
Aids Compliance & Accreditation

Enable processes for quality control, correlations, monitoring and reporting

Maximize Interoperability Icon
Maximize Interoperability

Connect with clinical LIS, physician EMRs, digital pathology, instruments and middleware

PowerPath Enables Real-time PCR Workflow and Reporting, Including HPV

Automate HPV Testing and Integrated Reporting Save Up To 2.5 Minutes Per Case

PowerPath Enables Real-time PCR Workflow and Reporting, Including HPV

Information System Designed Just for Anatomic Pathology Laboratories

Designed specifically for anatomic pathology labs, our open system integration approach helps to support better coordinated care with integration into your enterprise EHR.

PowerPath Product Brief

Modules that work with the Sunquest PowerPath solution include

Interoperability for Improved Care Coordination
  • Bidirectional connectivity with your enterprise EHR/EMR or clinical LIS:
    • Receive orders electronically, and reduce data re-entry and errors
    • Send discrete results and PDF reports to enterprise EHR/EMR
  • Reduce re-labeling and improve specimen tracking integration with support for foreign container IDs
Integrated Gyn Molecular Real-time PCR Workflow & Reporting
  • Order and result Gyn Molecular real-time PCR tests, including HPV
  • Use Data Innovations to automate HPV workflows to include reflex testing and report sign-out
  • Increase efficiency and reduce turnaround time with automation and rules
  • Streamlined workflows with support of lot number and expiration date for Australian National Cancer Screening Register requirements
Comprehensive Reporting
  • Access integrated synoptic reporting with support for CAP electronic cancer checklists
  • Streamline pathologist workflows with specialty reporting modules and create dynamic patient reports with customizable templates including images and tables
  • Automate reporting to cancer registries, including the California Cancer Registry, Cancer Care Ontario and the Australian National Cancer Screening Register
Innovate with Technology
  • Modernize workflows with digital pathology integration
  • Integrate with cameras and scanners to capture and import images and batch scan documents to cases
  • Increase efficiency with connectivity to cassette and slide etchers and slide stainers
  • Integrate with voice recognition
Robust User Management
  • Control data access with new customizable, granular Role Based Permissions with multiple access levels
  • Simplify user and password management through Single Sign On with Microsoft® Active Directory integration
Quality and Data Management
  • Helps ensure regulatory compliance with configurable QA correlation queues
  • 50+ standard management reports to provide quality and operational data
  • Case Finder tool for robust ad hoc queries of cases and patients
Improvements Through Integration with Sunquest VUE
  • Optimize pathologist capacity through improved UI and options
  • Enable Comprehensive Diagnoses by viewing diagnostic clinical, molecular and EHR data in a cohesive layout that includes options for simultaneous review
  • Reduce turnaround time through streamlined routing of case activities
  • Reduce switching between systems with integration and quick identification of case and order status
  • Minimize opportunities for misdiagnosis by viewing information from multiple systems in one application
Enhance Workflows with Sunquest Integration
  • Sunquest Atlas™ solutions integrate with Sunquest PowerPath to support external order entry and results delivery with specialized support for anatomic pathology