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Clean Orders, Secure Access to Enterprise-wide Results and More Accurate Billing

Sunquest Patient Centric Repository promotes clean orders, timely reimbursements, patient-centric and site-centric views of patient demographics, and efficient collaboration by clinicians. Provide broader access to consolidated, longitudinal patient lab results across sites and encounters.

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Take Control

Capture clean, complete orders for your LIS with lab-defined alerts and requirements

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Optimize Service And Turnaround Time

Speed TAT and improve customer satisfaction with fewer callbacks to physician offices

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Reduce Write-offs

Perform medical necessity checks and flag orders missing ICD-10 and other critical billing information

Patient Centric Repository Ensures Cleaner Orders and More Accurate Billing

Patient Centric Repository Ensures Cleaner Orders and More Accurate Billing

Patient Centric Repository Ensures Cleaner Orders and More Accurate Billing

Streamlines Order Entry at Patient Service Centers

Patient Centric Repository provides an enterprise view to demographics, orders and results.

Patient Centric Product Brief

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Access Up-to-date Patient Demographics And Billing Information
  • Avoid duplicate entries by validating conflicting data before an order is processed
  • Reduce calls to physician offices to acquire order information when patients present at a patient service center (PSC)
  • Reduce time and resources spent correcting data in the lab
  • Experience quicker turnaround of lab results with cleaner orders
  • Improve patient satisfaction by decreasing the need to ask the patient for order, insurance and other such information at each visit to a PSC
Provide Visibility Into Patient-centric Results Across Sites
  • Enable intelligent information sharing for clinical decision making
  • Offer physicians and accountable care organizations (ACOs) longitudinal and cumulative reports that span all of a patient’s visits throughout the enterprise
  • Ensure all results associated with a specific patient are identified correctly, a necessary step to supporting the compliance obligations of labs to provide patients with access to results
Secure And Provide Comprehensive Visibility Into Patient Data
  • View patient-centric data across a site and across the enterprise
  • Use up-to-date patient demographic and billing information
  • Allow a phlebotomist to view all orders for a patient across sites
  • Auto-assign a facility MRN (medical record number) for orders that do not match any record in the system