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Multi-site, Multi-lab Networking for Clinical Laboratories, Including Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidations

Resolve your need for clean electronic orders and workflow administration in complex environments to address electronic order management across a network of unrelated systems. If you are experiencing the challenges of test sharing, test routing and joint test catalog management while developing lab-to-lab collaborations, Sunquest Multi-Lab Networking SM is designed for you.

Minimize Disruptions From M&As, Consolidations Icon
Minimize Disruptions From M&As, Consolidations

Support unique business models, from simple to complex test routing and sharing

Enable Central Administration Icon
Enable Central Administration

Leverage joint test catalogs, real-time interfaces and consolidated results reporting

Scale And Grow Icon
Scale And Grow

Add new performing labs and connect with ordering labs

Improve ROI Icon
Improve ROI

Keep testing in your network and reduce send-out costs

Gain Efficiency Icon
Gain Efficiency

Optimize test routing and clean order capture

Support Patient Care Quality Icon
Support Patient Care Quality

Reduce errors and turn around tests quickly

Reduce Reference Lab Costs and Bring More Testing In-house

Reduce Reference Lab Costs and Bring More Testing In-house

Reduce Reference Lab Costs and Bring More Testing In-house

Electronic Order Management Solution For Use Across Multiple Clinical Labs

Support and enhance your existing lab relationships, develop new business models for lab-to-lab collaboration, rev up your competitive position and boost your service offerings with Sunquest Multi-Lab Networking

Multi-Lab-Networking Product Brief

Some of the modules that work with Sunquest Multi-Lab Networking include:

Support Unique Business Models
  • Optimize business for high-volume regional or national reference labs
  • Manage orders at multiple core labs for hospitals and health systems
  • Support multiple ordering and performing labs in test-sharing networks
  • Manage specialized testing facilities with multiple referring lab clients
Integrate Multiple Systems With A Single Platform
  • Develop and enforce a standardized workflow processes across all labs and users
  • Allow unique workflow rules for individual labs
  • Combine pre-defined and user-defined rules with exceptions and overrides at the site or user level
  • Receive consistent clean order data and streamline specimen intake
Improve Pre- Through Post- Analytic Workflow
  • Receive automated notification of issues
  • Manage specialized ordering requirements efficiently
  • Provide custom-branded specimen labels and requisitions for each performing lab
  • Improve turnaround time and enhance patient safety with integrated specimen tracking and logistics routing
Eliminate Administrative Headaches
  • Tailor test catalogs to individual lab or physician preferences
  • Customize catalog views based on lab or physician preferences
  • Access numerous test sharing business models
Streamline Operations
  • Eliminate manual report deliveries
  • Consolidate results reporting from multiple labs into a combined format
  • Accommodate the preferences of individual performing labs with customized integrated reports
  • Offer versatility with support for multiple results delivery methods

Our Sunquest Atlas™ solutions can support specialized workflows for anatomic pathology order entry with body mass diagrams, requisitions, labels and customized reporting — including the ability to combine clinical and AP reports.