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Instrument-ready Labels for Outreach Customers Help Ensure Clean Orders and Improve Lab Turnaround Times

Instrument-Ready Barcode Labels supports efficient laboratory workflow at specimen intake. Receive lab specimens from outreach customers with barcode labels ready for use on medical instruments, without the need for relabeling by your laboratory information system (LIS). Use with Sunquest orders and results management solutions to help ensure clean and complete electronic orders from physician portals, EMRs, nursing homes and patient draw centers.

Improve Patient Safety Icon
Improve Patient Safety

Reduce data entry errors due to illegible handwriting or paper requisitions

Increase Physician Satisfaction Icon
Increase Physician Satisfaction

Turn test results around faster with quicker specimen intake and order processing

Drive Efficiency And Growth Icon
Drive Efficiency And Growth

Scale growth capacity with streamlined order processing and higher throughput

Reduce Specimen Intake Processing Time

Reduce Specimen Intake Processing Time

With Instrument-Ready Barcode (IRBC) Labels, outreach customers can print and use specimen barcodes that are ready for use with your lab information system (LIS) and automation lines.

Instrument Ready Bardcode Labels Product Brief

Instrument-Ready Barcode Labels may be used with the following Sunquest solutions:

Flexibly Assign Numbers For Use With Your Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Reserve blocks of numbers from a Foreign Accession Store
  • Use Sunquest-generated specimen numbers
  • Access real-time order accession number request and response
Support EMR Orders
  • Generate an accession number when an electronic order is received
  • Auto-print requisitions and specimen labels upon order completion at the point of collection
Customize Setup
  • Use for all sites or individual sites
  • Automatically print specimen barcode labels at sites with EMR and manual ordering processes
  • Fit the workflow of manual and physician portal orders