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Customer Relationship Management

Sunquest CRM™ helps medical laboratories expand business opportunities, optimize lab operations, and manage and attract new physician customers. Laboratories are empowered to create, improve and maintain community partnerships, while realizing efficiencies in lab operations.

Gain Efficiency Icon
Gain Efficiency

Reduce call times, improve turnaround and manage inventory

Deliver Stellar Service Icon
Deliver Stellar Service

Automate service across lab departments and improve operations

Grow Lab Business Icon
Grow Lab Business

Attract new customers with sales insight and proactive service

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Optimize Onboarding

Experience seamless, efficient onboarding of new physicians

Gain Insight From Real-time Dashboards Icon
Gain Insight From Real-time Dashboards

Achieve visibility into lab operations, sales and staff productivity

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Minimize IT overhead

Decease infrastructure and maintenance costs with cloud-hosted solutions

CRM Delivers Rapid, Relevant, and Accurate Information To All In Lab Outreach Programs

Deliver Excellent Customer Service and Support Better Business Decisions for your Laboratory

CRM Delivers Rapid, Relevant, and Accurate Information To All In Lab Outreach Programs

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Laboratories

Drive business growth and improve physician customer satisfaction with efficient laboratory inventory management, sales management and lab operations

CRM Product Intro

Some of the modules that work with Sunquest CRM™ include:

Enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • View, print and fax patient lab results quickly with Sunquest Laboratory™
  • Manage cases for internal and external clients
  • Streamline business operations and design business process workflows
Streamline Laboratory Inventory Management
  • Manage all types of inventory, including tubes, labels and more
  • Track inventory levels and supply re-order drop-offs
  • Manage your assets, including product manuals, agreements and other documentation
Grow Your Business With Sales Management
  • Define your sales process and manage leads and opportunities
  • Effectively manage your sales funnel with territory and account management
  • Create product relationships to increase cross-sells and upsells
Manage Laboratory Operations
  • Create email and push alerts for lab equipment failures
  • Assign and route cases using queues for efficient resource allocation
  • Integrate new and existing third-party applications