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Integrated Diagnostics Spanning All Aspects Of The Anatomic Pathology Lab

Sunquest CoPathPlus™ uniquely offers a highly configurable, task-based user experience aimed at satisfying the needs of even the most complex lab operations. From advanced protocol management to sample routing and tracking, it goes far beyond what other laboratory information system (LIS) and basic EHR modules deliver to enable labs to operate at the highest levels of operational efficiency, patient safety and financial success.

Optimize Workflows Icon
Optimize Workflows

Reduce waste by using workflows, rules, voice recognition, interfaces and templates

Adopt Pathology Innovations Icon
Adopt Pathology Innovations

Go paperless, use digital pathology and access discrete data

Improve Care Coordination Icon
Improve Care Coordination

Leverage standards-based EHR integration for ordering and results retrieval

Streamline Reporting

Automate reporting from clinical, anatomic, molecular and genetics systems

Aids Compliance And Accreditation Icon
Aids Compliance And Accreditation

Implement processes for quality control, correlations, monitoring and reporting

Maximize Interoperability Icon
Maximize Interoperability

Connect with clinical LIS, physician EMRs, digital pathology, instruments and middleware

Integrated Diagnostics Spanning All Aspects of the Anatomic Pathology Lab

Integrated Diagnostics Spanning All Aspects of the Anatomic Pathology Lab

Integrated Diagnostics Spanning All Aspects of the Anatomic Pathology Lab

Lab Information System (LIS) Designed Just For Anatomic Pathology Laboratories

Sunquest CoPathPlus helps your lab offer early detection screenings — such as for cervical cancer — and diagnosis, leading to better patient outcomes

CoPathPlus Product Brief

Some of the modules that work with the Sunquest CoPathPlus solution include

Improve Care Coordination
Enable Real-time PCR Workflow And Reporting
  • Order and result real-time PCR tests, including HPV
  • Configure automatic workflows such as reflex testing and report sign-out (i.e., negative HPV)
  • Support comprehensive workflows from order to results integration — with automation and rules
  • Support synoptic reporting
Improve Quality And Compliance
  • Implement co-testing per ASCO guidelines
  • Utilize comprehensive quality control flagging and reporting
  • Configure tracking locations and automate routing
Streamline Workflow
  • Scan, view and attach documents to support a paperless workflow
  • Utilize voice recognition for gross and report dictation
  • Manage surgical follow ups with specialized workflow for abnormal results
Support Patient Safety
  • Utilize foreign container barcodes to minimize relabeling and reduce errors
  • Print identifiers, barcodes and labels real-time
  • Track barcodes case assets throughout the workflow
  • View case data and sample audit trails
  • Implement Sunquest’s optional SMART Asset Matching for grossing workflows
Streamline workflow
  • Sunquest CoPathPlus integrates with our Orders and Results solutions to support external order entry and results delivery with specialized support for anatomic pathology.
  • Sunquest CoPathPlus integrates with Sunquest Mitogen™ Genetics to deliver integrated, actionable reports combining pathology and genetic testing.