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Intuitively Link Patients, Incidents, and Contacts as Part of Your Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management Solution

Public health departments worldwide must efficiently and accurately perform disease surveillance and outbreak management. This is ultimately a matter of life and death. Sunquest WorldCare Contact Tracing module allows users to quickly link and trace contacts, determine exposure, and help to prevent further disease transmission.

With the Sunquest WorldCare Contact Tracing module, identify exposed persons early and recognize clusters and vectors to interrupt the chain of disease transmission

Contact Tracing Product Brief
Versatile and Adaptive
  • Manage emerging diseases from within Sunquest WorldCare without additional customization or resource
  • Create new questionnaires, specific to a disease or location
  • Expand quickly from standard case load to pandemic-level case load with our scalable design
Intuitively link patients, incidents and contacts
  • Recognize and associate exposure locations, identifying characteristics and chains of transmission
  • Link persons to outbreaks, group events, and animals and designate clusters
Integration and Coordination
  • Receive Electronic Lab Reports (ELRs) from performing laboratories
  • Integrate with LISs, EHRs, EMRs and vaccine registries to ensure comprehensive data profile for individuals as well as the public department