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Integration Connects to Third-party EMRs to Save Time, Money and Frustration

Sunquest Advanced EMR Connectivity SM supports seamless integration with your physician office EMRs and other external order sources so you can control your laboratory brand, physician relationships and order integrity to drive your lab’s productivity and profitability.

Then and Now

with Sunquest Atlas

Take Control Icon
Take Control

Capture clean, complete orders for your LIS with lab-defined alerts and requirements

Optimize Service And Turnaround Time Icon
Optimize Service And Turnaround Time

Speed TAT and improve customer satisfaction with fewer callbacks to physician offices

Reduce Write-offs
Reduce Write-offs

Perform medical necessity checks and flag orders missing ICD-10 and other critical billing information

Share Electronic Results Icon
Share Electronic Results

Distribute results back to physician EMRs when and how they need the data

Maintain Your Brand Icon
Maintain Your Brand

Generate lab-branded requisitions, labels and reports regardless of EMR

Reduce Leakage
Reduce Leakage

Direct physician EMR orders to patient service centers (PSCs) with lab-branded requisitions

No Chaos

Get The Orders In and Keep The Chaos Out With Advanced EMR Connectivity

No Chaos

Business and Connectivity Rules to Control EMR Orders Coming Into Your Lab

Connecting to EMRs can be costly, time consuming and difficult. Advanced EMR Connectivity helps drive your lab’s productivity and profitability with powerful business and connectivity rules

Advanced EMR Product Brief

Some of the modules that work with Sunquest Advanced EMR Connectivity include:

Deliver Proactive Support
  • Perform validation checks on orders as they come in, automatically
  • Cross reference to the EMR data tables for greater interoperability
  • Queue up order problems proactively for the customer service team
  • Eliminate excess calls to physician offices requesting missing order information, such as ICD-10 and other billing information
Improve Revenue And Workflow
  • Perform medical necessity validation and generate advance beneficiary notices (ABNs) to help reduce write-offs
  • Reduce material costs associated with relabeling
  • Help reduce patient safety risk with instrument-ready barcode labels
  • Improve specimen intake with electronic order transmission
  • Direct EMR orders to PSCs with Patient Service Center (PSC) Portal
Improve Results Distribution
  • Enable remote lab-specific printing in physicians offices
  • Send results back to the EMR, including reflexed tests and unsolicited orders
  • Provide sophisticated reports, including integrated and cumulative reports
Preserve Your Brand And Business
  • Autoprint lab-branded requisitions, labels and advance beneficiary notices (ABNs)
  • Prevent loss of orders and identify patient no-shows
  • Keep your customers informed of new tests or test changes with test catalog mapping services

Our Sunquest Atlas™ solutions can support specialized workflows for anatomic pathology order entry with body mass diagrams, requisitions, labels and customized reporting — including the ability to combine clinical and AP reports.