Sunquest WorldCare™
Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management

Manage and report disease threats to help achieve community wellness goals

Disease surveillance and outbreak management system helps public health, labs and hospitals investigate cases, trace contacts and report incidents

Sunquest WorldCare™ helps public health departments, laboratories and hospital public health practices investigate communicable or chronic disease incidents efficiently, trace contacts and track transmission to identify vectors, and proactively prevent outbreaks. The system allows you to implement more effective strategies to promote and protect community health and maintain compliance with public health mandates.

Focus on each community 

Target your community’s specific surveillance, outbreak management and public health reporting needs

Safeguard your community

Receive timely alerts, control communicable disease outbreaks and support public health reporting compliance

Trace contacts & transmission

Investigate disease incidents, trace contacts and track disease transmission to identify vectors with centralized data

Reduce silos

Operate across disparate systems, improve workflow management and facilitate complex data sharing

Be prepared for outbreaks

Improve visibility and proactively share information to allow timely recognition and response to public health crises

Maintain compliance 

Seamlessly meet evolving Meaningful Use and other standards, while also complying with reporting mandates

Disease surveillance and outbreak management system

Sunquest WorldCare can help public health departments, labs and hospitals enhance public health practices, improve the community wellness and comply with reporting requirements.

Implement effective disease surveillance protocols

  • Investigate communicable disease incidents, trace contacts, track disease transmission and identify emerging outbreaks
  • Define and capture data elements based on the disease or event under investigation
  • Access data from electronic reports and interfaces (ELR, eICR, HIE, EMR, EHR)
  • Review disease incidents with data from multiple sources seamlessly compiled within the disease surveillance and outbreak management system

Support public health activities and interventions

  • Access powerful tools for chronic disease management and health-based interventions with the Sunquest WorldCare Case Management capability
  • Support primary public health goals in your community, such as tuberculosis management, maternal and child health, and public health nursing activities

Meet reporting obligations to safeguard public health

  • Assess dynamic disease trends in your community with real-time graphs
  • Generate pre-configured reports such as epi curves (epidemic curves)
  • Create extensive user-configurable reports with the report generator

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