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Meet Bob

Bob the patient

Sunquest’s enterprise laboratory solutions can cost effectively and efficiently integrate with other enterprise suppliers and software vendors, providing your organization the necessary tools to effectively manage a patient’s healthcare journey, while supporting a complex laboratory environment, how and where you need it most.

Integrated or standalone, we provide you with solutions that extend throughout the laboratory, augmenting integration between or across systems (such as between EHR and LIS), or expanding your abilities with added connectivity, precision medicine, or laboratory and pathology depth.

Let’s follow our patient Bob through his care journey, and learn why Sunquest is the One delivering Labs to new heights – driving better patient outcomes and return on investment.

Introduction to the patient’s journey

Let’s start with introducing you to the Sunquest suite of solutions, and our patient Bob, a 68 year old male, as he begins his journey through the enterprise.

Outreach, Outpatient, Ambulatory workflow

Bob starts his journey at his primary care physician’s (PCP) office after experiencing fever, fatigue and shortness of breath. Learn what happens with his test order along the way using Sunquest Atlas™ solutions, elevating the user experience, eliminating manual workflow for lab personnel, and reducing the risk of patient leakage and loss of revenue with better order awareness.

General Laboratory workflow

After initial tests are performed and reported back to the PCP, Bob is admitted to the hospital for additional evaluation and tests. Learn how Sunquest Laboratory™, with Sunquest SMART and Sunquest Collect™, work together to enable informed decisions and also reduce costs and care variation.

Blood Bank workflow

In this video, Bob is experiencing additional symptoms that ultimately require a blood transfusion and communication back to the EHR. Watch how Sunquest Blood Bank™ with Sunquest Collect and Sunquest Transfusion Manager™ help support patient safety with a closed loop system, improve laboratory workflow, and provide an integrated, enterprise view of lab and blood bank information.

Anatomic Pathology workflow

Bob continues his diagnostic journey with a bone marrow flow cytometry test ordered, which results in a needle core biopsy and lobectomy. Watch how Sunquest anatomic pathology (AP) LIS solutions, which are integrated with Sunquest VUE, work with digital pathology systems and cancer registries to fuel your enterprise and pathologists with the necessary data and technology you need to inform value-based care, deliver on the quadruple aim, and prepare for current and future expansions or cost and quality enhancing consolidations.

Molecular workflow

In this final chapter of our patient’s journey, Bob’s physicians continue the diagnostic process with molecular testing to determine targeted therapies. Here you will see why Sunquest Mitogen LIMS, purpose-built for molecular testing, drives collaboration and cohesive data sharing, helps reduce care variation and costs with automated testing, and supports the delivery of clinical insights to enhance the clinician experience.

With unparalleled experience, depth, and breadth in the lab space, Sunquest offers labs the potential to do more, and offers their leaders the potential to know more, in a world where, frankly, more must be done and known in order to succeed. What happens in the lab impacts the entire healthcare system.