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Powerful Middleware Solutions for Labs That Need Options

Sunquest Atlas™ is highly configurable and extensible middleware that sits between your clinical, anatomic or molecular lab and the outside world. Sunquest Atlas makes test orders clean and correct so data gets where it needs to go—quickly. When you choose Sunquest Atlas, you choose the solution combination that works for you, giving your standalone lab or lab network unprecedented options for growth, collaboration and customer service.

Wherever you provide service—patient service centers, physician offices, nursing homes, remote testing locations, other reference labs or anywhere—Sunquest Atlas minimizes errors and delays by letting you set the rules and workflows for all incoming orders and specimens, from any point of care.

Sunquest Atlas standardizes the order information and securely manages your lab information end to end, seamlessly integrating data to match the needs of your business systems—EMRs, LISs, and third-party middleware, like registration, billing, and even instrument interface solutions. For outgoing results to ordering physicians, Sunquest Atlas is just as customizable, because none of your customers is the same. Sunquest Atlas is platform-agnostic and browser-independent, because only good data in and good data out result in fewer errors for faster turnaround time and revenue collection.

No matter the size or scale of your lab now or in the future, Sunquest Atlas gives you the options you need to focus on the core diagnostic work and on delivering test results so that patients can get the care they need.

Select the capabilities of Sunquest Atlas that match your lab’s specific needs. Sunquest Physician Portal TM and Sunquest Patient Service Center (PSC) Portal SM add customer service and workflow capabilities for in reach and outreach programs. Sunquest Multi-Lab Networking SM combines centralized test catalog management with powerful test sharing and routing capabilities between independent or affiliated labs. Sunquest Advanced EMR Connectivity SM completes and standardizes orders and results transmissions so your lab only receives clean orders in and sends comprehensive results out to any physician’s or hospital’s choice of EMR.

Optimize Orders Icon
Optimize Orders

Ensure clean order processing and management to reduce unnecessary costs

Extend Your Business Icon
Extend Your Business

Delivering services that enhance your physician and patient experience

Lab Breadth And Depth Icon
Lab Breadth And Depth

Gain insight with pre- through post- analytic solutions into clinical and anatomic pathology labs, including molecular

Scale And Grow Icon
Scale And Grow

Manage multi-lab, multi-site environments – with test sharing, routing and more

Configure And Adapt Icon
Configure And Adapt

Adapt to your lab, physician and enterprise needs with customized workflows

Full Enterprise Interoperability Icon
Full Enterprise Interoperability

Integrate with enterprise EHR/HIS, LIS, physician EMRs and middleware

Sunquest Delivers Robust and Collaborative Healthcare Technology Solutions
Sunquest Delivers Robust and Collaborative Healthcare Technology Solutions to the Diagnostic Community.
Sunquest Delivers Robust and Collaborative Healthcare Technology Solutions

Customize Your Sunquest Atlas Implementation

Powerful, scalable middleware and customer engagement solutions for clinical, AP and molecular labs wanting standardized requisitions and accessioning, in addition to results customized to each ordering physician.

Sunquest Atlas Get ROI

Sunquest Atlas modules are

Pick the combination of solutions that work for you today, knowing that our advanced middleware can grow with you. Read more about each Sunquest Atlas module here.

Sunquest Multi-Lab Networking SM

Build and manage diagnostic testing networks for optimal test routing and sharing throughout the enterprise and beyond

Sunquest Advanced EMR Connectivity SM

Standardize the orders coming into your lab from any number of physician EMRs or other external sources

Sunquest Physician Portal SM

Help improve physician satisfaction and laboratory efficiency and reimbursement in laboratory outreach and in reach programs

Sunquest PSC Portal SM

Streamline workflows in Patient Service Centers, and manage orders and payment collection