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Sunquest WorldCare™ Disease Surveillance, Outbreak, and Management Solution Enables Rapid Response to COVID-19 at Qatar Ministry of Public Health

TUCSON, Ariz., May 21, 2020 – Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of its Sunquest WorldCare™ disease surveillance and outbreak management solution to support public health organizations looking to track and respond to COVID-19. Developed for public health departments to track a broad range of conditions, Sunquest WorldCare uses data from laboratories and health practitioners to aid in the investigation of communicable or chronic disease incidents for improved reporting, intervention and management.

Sunquest WorldCare requires no additional configuration for COVID-19, thereby serving as an off-the-shelf, proven, turnkey solution for immediate response. This flexibility has been demonstrated by public health organizations across the globe, including the United States, Canada, Qatar, and most recently in Australia, that are using the solution to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Product capabilities of Sunquest WorldCare include disease investigation and reporting, incidence mapping, contact tracing, transmission tracking, vector and cluster identification, group event management, and outbreak detection.

In March of this year, Sunquest installed its disease management solution at Qatar Ministry of Public Health (MoPH). Following a successful, expedited go-live in an effort to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, MoPH has been able to directly capture and import all COVID-19 laboratory results, as well as clinical and physician disease notifications from the hospital’s laboratory information and electronic health record systems into SAVES as disease incidents to be further investigated by MoPH epidemiology staff. In addition to integration with the LIS and EHR, Sunquest WorldCare is integrated with the Ministry of Interior for population demographics data, an external application for geospatial standardization and mapping, as well as death and vaccination registries for mortality and vaccination information.

“The rapid deployment of the Sunquest WorldCare solution has offered the Ministry the flexibility to quickly respond to the COVID-19 outbreak, and investigate and process all COVID-19 cases to date through SAVES. We also are now able to identify hotspots in the community, using the geospatial mapping, and direct and adjust attention and resources to support the public’s health and wellness as we manage the disease outbreak,” stated Dr. Mohammed Al Thani, Director of Public Health, Ministry of Public Health. In addition to managing COVID-19, MoPH also has configured Sunquest WorldCare to manage more than 140 other diseases, with the ability to further expand the library as new diseases emerge.

Sunquest was introduced to MoPH through its relationship with Ooredoo, a leading international communications company that serves markets in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. “Ooredoo, along with Al Sulaiman Health and STChealth, was an integral part of our delivery of services to MoPH, serving as the prime contractor for the project. The Ooredoo infrastructure provided Sunquest the ability to host our solutions on their servers, providing access, security and disaster recovery to support the MoPH environment,” stated Carl Hull, Vice President of Public Health for Sunquest. “Al Sulaiman Health, a B2B2C wellness company, brought all of the partners together to form the SAVES consortium which also includes STChealth to support Qatar’s vaccination information.”

As we all work to navigate what is certainly a most unprecedented time, with unpredictable twists and turns, Sunquest is proud to offer Sunquest WorldCare to the global health community as part of an effort to reduce illness and ultimately promote wellness.

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