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Sunquest Information Systems Announces Release of Sunquest Laboratory v8.0

Sunquest Lab 8.0

New version includes significant enhancements to Sunquest Blood Bank

TUCSON, Ariz., May 12, 2016 – Sunquest Information Systems Inc. today announced the general release of Sunquest Laboratory™ v8.0

Sunquest is the market leader for laboratory software, blood banking and transfusion services, and specimen collection and management. Sunquest Laboratory 8.0 enables laboratory and blood banking excellence by supporting multi-disciplinary, multi-site laboratories with state-of the art software designed to improve diagnostic capabilities, optimize laboratory operations and reduce medical errors. As part of the FDA-cleared Sunquest Laboratory 8.0, blood banking administration becomes easier than ever before with improved integration to enterprise EHRs, better blood unit tracking and emergency release capabilities, which enable blood banking administration in wide-spread trauma situations.

“At Sunquest, we are making healthcare smarter and patients safer when our clients use our software,” said Matthew Hawkins, president of Sunquest. “Sunquest Laboratory 8.0 is a great example of our commitment to improving healthcare. Labs play a central role in ensuring correct diagnoses, reducing medical errors, and managing transfusion and blood management services. Our clients’ capabilities improve significantly when using Sunquest solutions such as Sunquest Lab 8.0, the most intuitive and elegant laboratory and blood bank application in the world. Sunquest Lab 8.0 improves our clients’ ability to care for patients safely and cost-effectively, while integrating fully to hospital EHR solutions.”

Sunquest Laboratory 8.0 also helps laboratories demonstrate value to the health system in three important ways:

1) Real return on investment, with faster payback period and lower total cost of ownership than other competing solutions

2) Reduced test turnaround times, which impact important metrics such as, hospital length of stay (LOS)

3) Correct diagnoses, which impact patient safety, patient outcomes and hospital readmission rates

Sunquest Laboratory v8.0 will be featured at the Sunquest User Group Conference in July in Tucson, Ariz. For more information about the product release, please email

About Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.

Sunquest Information Systems Inc. provides laboratory information systems to more than 1,700 laboratories. Since 1979, Sunquest has helped laboratories across the world optimize financial results, enhance efficiency and improve the quality of patient care. The company’s singular focus on diagnostic innovation has delivered solutions that offer unique support for complex testing, enable community-wide connectivity and can be used at the point-of-care. Headquartered in Tucson, AZ, with offices in the United Kingdom and India, Sunquest is a global leader in healthcare information technology. For more information, visit

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