Molecular Informatics

Manage complexity with scalable processes from the wet bench to the dry lab

Laboratory workflow solutions for precision medicine create opportunities for labs

Sunquest molecular informatics offer clinical, anatomic pathology and molecular laboratories the opportunity to offer new services in molecular diagnostics and genetic testing. Efficiently delivering these services requires a streamlined, flexible, and scalable laboratory information management system (LIMS), purpose-built to handle the complexity of molecular workflows. Labs offering next-generation sequencing (NGS) also need tools to quickly analyze clinically actionable genetic variants. With Sunquest Mitogen™ you can go from sample accessioning to delivering clinical insights more rapidly, so clinicians can provide personalized diagnoses and treatment plans.

Start and scale your tests

Scalable processes and informatics bring molecular and genetic testing to your lab

PCR, NGS, chromosomes and CRISPR

Major molecular workflows are lab-ready and tailored to your lab

Improve lab efficiency

Manage and track lab operations: work queues, reagents, inventory, instruments

Quickly find meaningful variants

Variant filtering, analysis and assessment tools, report templates and a peer network are all built in

Deliver clinically actionable reports

Concise reports to clinicians identify variants linked to diseases, clinical trials and drugs

Be future-ready

The flexible, extensible platform is cloud-based, and integrates with EMR and lab instruments

An end-to-end solution for next generation sequencing (NGS)

An end-to-end solution for next generation sequencing (NGS)

The shift towards individualized care creates exciting opportunities for laboratories, but molecular and genetic testing puts pressure on existing...
Five core competencies to look for in a molecular LIMS

Five core competencies to look for in a molecular LIMS

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Challenges of enabling precision medicine diagnostics

Challenges of enabling precision medicine diagnostics

Learn about the challenges facing NGS sequencing-based genetic diagnostics, and the role of informatics in precision medicine. Watch the on-demand...

The complexity of molecular diagnostics and precision medicine requires a clinical-grade laboratory information management system (LIMS) built from the start for complex, precise molecular processes.


The Sunquest Mitogen end-to-end molecular informatics platform provides LIMS and genetic analysis tools to allow your laboratory to start with a patient sample and ultimately deliver a simple-to-interpret and clinically actionable genetic report.

Molecular Informatics Solutions

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