Sunquest Laboratory™ Specimen Management Routing and Tracking (SMART)

Drive patient-safety objectives, reduce errors and support efficient workflows

Specimen tracking system from patient draw to courier to lab and at each point along the way

Sunquest Laboratory™ Specimen Management Routing and Tracking (SMART) routes and tracks each uniquely identified lab specimen to a Specimen Point of Tracking, or SPOT. The laboratory sample tracking barcode software helps you optimize lab resources by providing functionality similar to an automated line, using container IDs, route optimization logic and client-defined workflows.

Reduce lost and misplaced specimens

Track specimens at multiple points and reduce time spent looking for misplaced specimens

Increase physician and patient satisfaction

Reduce test turnaround time and eliminate extra blood draws for re-collection of lost specimens

Drive cost efficiencies

Share interim, cumulative or integrated reports, when, where and how they are needed

Reduce missing or lost specimens

  • Monitor specimens from the moment an order is placed
  • Track the location of specimens at each specimen point of tracking (SPOT)
  • Route specimens to lab workbenches quickly
  • Create container IDs and print on labels

Drive cost efficiencies

  • Reduce time spent looking for misplaced specimens
  • Reduce manual intervention required by techs to walk specimens to each station
  • Leverage laboratory automation systems

Increase revenue

  • Reduce turnaround time (TAT) to optimize laboratory throughput
  • Reduce lab tech time spent on manual interventions

Improve quality of care

  • Avoid unnecessary needle sticks to redraw for misplaced specimens
  • Improve turnaround time for specimen results by eliminating delays incurred by missing specimens

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