Sunquest Collect™

Foster a zero-error culture and safely collect patient specimens, including at the bedside

Closed-loop process to support safer clinical specimen collection without labeling errors

Used by nurses, phlebotomists and other healthcare professionals, Sunquest Collect™, a clinical specimen collection solution, brings the laboratory to the point-of-care. From blood draws at collection stations, patient service centers and emergency rooms, to tissue collection in operating rooms, Sunquest Collect helps to reduce errors and related adverse events.

Increase patient safety

Reduce identification errors and support a zero-error culture

Span multiple disciplines

Use for clinical and anatomic pathology specimen collection

Bring the lab to the point of care

Use at patient draw centers, emergency rooms, operating rooms and the bedside

Save time

Reduce training and implementation time

Improve accuracy

Reduce loss of specimens, document accurate collection time and reduce turnaround time

Maximize interoperability

Safely collect specimens, reduce mistakes and go paperless using any platform

Minimizing pre-analytical errors can improve the quality of blood test results, avoid the need for specimen re-collection, reduce turnaround time and improve patient care

Clinical specimen collection for a zero-error culture

Sunquest Collect is a specimen collection solution that enables you to collect specimens from patients quickly, reduce mistakes and eliminate excess paperwork, using any platform

Support patient safety

  • Verify patient identity at the point-of-care
  • Reduce mislabeling with bedside label printing
  • Foster zero-error culture to help ensure zero-related adverse events

Improve workflow efficiency

  • Help prevent lost specimens, whether tissue, blood or micro
  • Improve specimen receipt time
  • Reduce collection processing time
  • Minimize phlebotomists' time spent traveling between draw locations
  • Reduce accessioning time with barcode scanning
  • Extend the laboratory to the patient's bedside

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