Sunquest Transfusion Manager™

Support safer blood transfusion at the point-of-care

Barcode patient matching between patient and blood unit

Sunquest Transfusion Manager™ assists laboratories and caregivers with managing safer blood transfusions by enabling a positive match of the patient and blood unit, and allows for complete documentation from start to finish, from desktop, handheld or portable device.

Support patient safety

Leverage standards-based EHR integration for ordering and results retrieval

Improve efficiency

Eliminate the need for second nurse verifier for every transfusion

Gain flexibility

Work on a desktop workstation, handheld device or portable PC or tablet

Reduce adverse events

Record vitals, reactions and associated comments throughout transfusion process

Manage regulatory adherence

Support Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals with FDA 510(k) cleared solution

Maximize interoperability

Enable a closed-loop solution with Sunquest Laboratory™, Sunquest Blood Bank™ and Sunquest Collect™ solutions

The average red blood cell transfusion is approximately three pints.

A car accident victim may need 100 pints.

Help ensure the blood they receive is safe.

Support safer blood transfusions

Used today by more than 25,000 nurses, Sunquest Transfusion Manager optimizes patient safety and efficiency for bedside transfusions by electronically validating that there is a unique match between the blood and the patient

Improve patient safety

  • Match patients and blood units, including hard stops if unique matches are not provided
  • Record pertinent information throughout transfusion process
  • Integrate seamlessly with Sunquest Laboratory and Sunquest Blood Bank

Gain flexiblity

  • Customize workflow controls in the lab without requiring IT resources
  • Use as a simple matching tool
  • Eliminate the need for second nurse verification

Streamline workflows

  • Receive notification of allocated units from Sunquest Blood Bank
  • Record vital signs, reactions and associated comments at the bedside
  • Use scanning technology to display patient transfusion data and verify units

Meet industry standards

  • Support Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG)
  • Support two patient identifiers (NPSG 01.01.01)
  • Help eliminate transfusion errors related to patient identification (NPSG 01.03.01)

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