Sunquest Blood Bank™

Help improve patient safety, better manage blood inventory and reduce repeat phlebotomies

Comprehensive blood bank solution with multi-facility inventory control, automation and patient safety measures

Sunquest Blood Bank™ helps labs better manage blood inventory and eliminate repeat phlebotomies by providing a fully integrated and robust blood bank system. Our solution enables you to manage blood products issued to patients in a hospital or centralized transfusion service.

Match patients with PPID

Reduce errors and improve workflow efficiency

Eliminate errors

Track units from the blood bank to the patient with a closed-loop solution

Control inventory

Support multi-facility handling and electronic crossmatch

Support compliance

Produce ISBT 128 blood product labels, with FDA 510(k) cleared solution

Enable emergency release

Prevent delays in patient treatments

Advance interoperability

Integrate with Sunquest Laboratory LIS or other third-party LIS

Closed-loop blood bank solution for hospital labs

Sunquest Blood Bank improves the management and utilization of blood products to reduce waste and help make care safer for patients

Some of the modules that work with the Blood Bank solution include:

Manage blood inventory and processing efficiently

  • Use barcode readers to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Meet the ISBT 128 standard for labeling products of human origin
  • Meet regulations for temperature tracking of returned units
  • Utilize US FDA 510(k)-cleared solution

Connect to other systems

  • Gain an enterprise view of lab and blood bank information with Sunquest Laboratory™
  • Integrate seamlessly and provide optimal workflow between systems
  • Increase patient safety with a complete closed-loop clinical laboratory solution
  • Connect to enterprise EHR/EMR or third-party laboratory information system (LIS)

Improve return on investment

  • Minimize interface costs to third-party laboratory information systems
  • Reduce waste and eliminate separate blood bank wrist bands
  • Improve blood utilization management and reporting

Gain flexibility

  • Enable autologous and directed capabilities
  • Increase efficiency with multi-facility inventory control
  • Improve patient safety with electronic crossmatch

Support emergency release

  • Support emergency release when patient’s blood type is unknown or known, or requires a massive transfusion
  • Bypass standard checks to allow overrides in emergency situations
  • Streamline quality assurance with warnings
  • Update patient blood bank administrative data to note special needs and attributes automatically

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