Sunquest Utilization Optimization™

Improve lab test utilization to help reduce the overall cost of care and optimize outcomes

Test utilization solution that drives improved lab revenue and better patient outcomes

Sunquest Utilization Optimization™ enables diagnostic facilities to connect with healthcare providers, secure appropriate orders, deliver the right results and get prompt payment — while resolving the overutilization, underutilization and misutilization of laboratory testing. It provides support for decisions about care quality, financial management and individual and population health.

Guide providers

Educate and inform based on test patterns, patient history and more

Influence ordering

Inform physicians In real-time, before an order is placed, to reduce unnecessary costs

Deliver better value

Provide hospital leadership with insights to improve care and the bottom line

Enable genetic testing workflows

Support laboratory personnel in processing genetic test orders

Create lab-driven rules

Define rules and algorithms without IT assistance

Advance enterprise interoperability

Connect with EHR and LIS systems and collect data from multiple patient touchpoints

You are ordering a genetic test that is more than $900. Are you sure this is the right test?

Laboratory test utilization management

Sunquest Utilization Optimization provides the support necessary for decisions about care quality, financial management, and individual and population health

Make the most of your diagnostic resources

  • Work in tandem with existing technology solutions
  • Achieve measurable results with targeted but flexible rules
  • Apply valuable diagnostic resources to achieve population health goals
  • Monitor results, improve outcomes and reduce overall costs of care

Educate providers, monitor effectiveness and deliver reports

  • Create graphical reports for stakeholders to demonstrate optimization effectiveness with long-term cost savings and improved outcomes
  • Gain population health insights about opportunities for disease management
  • Execute workflow intervention and management
  • Monitor results and fine tune rules for maximum effectiveness

Adapt and automate

  • Deploy regardless of the CPOE system or connectivity platform
  • Create lab-defined, self-authored targeted rules without IT involvement
  • Automate manual processes
  • Address diagnostics overutilization and underutilization to reduce costs and improve care
  • Perform retroactive analysis to measure the effectiveness of a rule, and adjust it accordingly

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