Test Catalog Services

Resolve lab and vendor needs for test catalog integration and maintenance

Test mapping service keeps you in control of your physician EMR interface connections

Sunquest’s Test Catalog Services provide accurate and up-to-date integration with your physician customer EMRs, so you can stay focused on your lab’s expertise. Reach your physician connectivity goals, and ensure clean orders, quick turnarounds and reliable payment for your work with a regular test catalog maintenance regimen.


Improve order quality

Prevent obsolete test orders, and support test-specific requirements such as ask-at-order questions


Increase physician  satisfaction

Help ensure physicians are aware of new tests and changes in test catalog offerings


Drive efficiency

Eliminate the repetitive keying of test code information across multiple systems

Test Catalog Services ensures your test catalog is up-to-date and distributed to physician EMRs.

Use Test Catalog Services with any of these Sunquest solutions:

Support your sales team

  • Distribute new tests available to clients automatically
  • Reduce the ordering of invalid or obsolete tests

Make lab front-line services more efficient

  • Update only one test catalog
  • Reduce lab IT resources associated with system administration

Improve customer service and satisfaction

  • Reduce calls from physician offices asking for test information
  • Make fewer calls to physician offices to correct order details
  • Provide your current test catalog automatically within physician EMRs

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