Physician Portal

Acquire clean lab orders and provide flexible reporting of test results for laboratory outreach and inreach programs

Clean lab orders and flexible reporting of test results for lab outreach and inreach business

Physician Portal offers flexible workflow configurations that accommodate multi-site laboratory environments and a variety of user preferences for computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and results delivery. Manage orders handled by clinicians, office and support staff, use a multi-staged order workflow, allow labs to report partial results and critical or abnormal results as fits the preferences of individual physicians.

Tailor to physicians

Meet individual client ordering and reporting preferences

Support patient safety

Receive real-time alerts and warnings and generate instrument-ready barcode labels

Decrease write-offs

Generate advance beneficiary notices (ABN) and perform medical necessity verification

Flexible reporting

Deliver partial, final and critical or abnormal results

Maintain your brand

Provide lab-branded requisitions, labels and reports

Advance enterprise interoperability

Integrate with practice management and EMRs/EHRs

Don’t let dirty, incomplete orders prevent you from getting paid

Clean orders, reliable results for laboratory outreach and inreach

Physician Portal is an essential tool for a successful laboratory outreach or inreach program, providing a solid foundation for clean orders and reliable results reporting

Capture clean orders

  • Obtain orders with complete clinical, billing and operational information
  • Improve reimbursements and reduce write-offs with advanced beneficiary notice of non-coverage (ABN) and printing of private payer waivers
  • Improve turnaround times and reduce customer service load with proactive monitoring and validation

Improve efficiency with laboratory information system (LIS) integration and connectivity

  • Connect to Sunquest Laboratory™ LIS or third-party laboratory information systems
  • Drive physician adoption and increase electronic orders (CPOE) with flexible workflow
  • Reduce errors from manual order entry and improve staff efficiency
  • Prevent missed or lost orders to help ensure your LIS gets the information needed for each test

Promote your brand

  • Keep your brand front and center with lab-branded requisitions, reports and labels
  • Leverage private-label features, which promote your brand and logo
  • Maintain customer loyalty by accommodating physician workflow preferences

Scale to fit your business needs

  • Independent labs
  • Health systems and hospitals with local outreach programs
  • Regional and national laboratories
  • Enterprise-wide, multi-site environments

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