Anatomic Pathology & Molecular Testing
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Will your lab be ready? Sunquest can help.

As anatomic pathology (AP) and molecular testing become further intertwined in the quest for precision medicine diagnostics, integrated reporting will be critical to maximizing efficiencies in time and cost, and ultimately, delivering high-quality patient care. By integrating Sunquest’s AP solutions with our molecular testing and genetic analysis offerings, your lab will be ready to perform at the next level.

Sunquest PowerPath®:

Goes far beyond a traditional laboratory information system (LIS) and is built specifically for the anatomic pathology lab, to drive operational efficiency and quality care.

Sunquest Mitogen™ :

Streamlines molecular testing and enables genetic analysis, connecting directly with Sunquest PowerPath*, for an integrated solution.

 We look forward to partnering with you as we strive to give every patient the best chance at good health!

*Integration with Sunquest Mitogen is available with Sunquest CoPathPlus™ as well.

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Will your lab be ready? Sunquest can help.

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