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by | Sep 14, 2017 | Blog

The importance of molecular diagnostics and informatics continues to grow both as part of laboratory testing volume and as a life-saving clinical intervention. In the past, that growth has been limited by a mismatch between the complexity of molecular testing and the laboratory systems available to support it.

Sunquest is changing the molecular diagnostic and informatics landscape by offering the first true end-to-end solution for labs that goes from wet bench, to dry lab, to finished reports for patient-facing physicians. That’s exciting news on several fronts:

  • Ability to scale: Labs with molecular capability can expect test volume to increase for the foreseeable future. The capabilities afforded by Sunquest Mitogen™ allow a lab to cut the time required to interpret genetic tests by as much as 70 percent, while the workflow tools allow technicians to reduce turnaround times by focusing on process. This kind of time savings allows a lab to take on additional volume.
  • Cost reduction: The expense of sending out tests is a major line item in many hospital budgets. A combined solution that allows facilities to bring testing in-house can decrease spending significantly. Especially for facilities that serve cancer patients, where somatic tumor profiling is common, the potential for quick return on investment is high.
  • Managing complexity: A solution that can facilitate complex molecular testing processes makes the benefits of molecular diagnostics accessible to many more healthcare facilities—and that in turn makes it available to more patients.

The critical factor supporting these developments is the combined power of both technologies: optimizing the workflow of a molecular lab, to manage tracking, inventory, samples, quality control and more; and incorporating intelligent clinical genome interpretation and reporting capabilities, along with tools to allow integration directly into a patient’s electronic medical record.

Because informatics for molecular diagnostics is still an emerging market, Sunquest is vigilantly monitoring the evolution of this technology with an eye towards innovation, growth and giving every patient the best chance at good health.

Sunquest’s investments in molecular and genetic diagnostic informatics was featured in an article on GenomeWeb. Interviews with Sunquest’s Chris Callahan, vice president, diagnostic solutions, and Nabil Hafez, senior director of product management, detail the unique positioning Sunquest Mitogen has given Sunquest in the molecular diagnostics market. Check out the article, “Sunquest Seeks to Grow Informatics Footprint in MDx Space with Recent Acquisitions,” to learn more about the informatics market for molecular diagnostics and the directions Sunquest may go next.

The article also features the experience of Sunquest customer MedComp Sciences, which has been using Sunquest Mitogen to accelerate the growth of their genetic testing capabilities. Their success with Sunquest’s integrated solution tells us we’re on the right track.

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Nabil Hafez

Nabil Hafez

Sr. Director Product Management and Marketing, Sunquest Mitogen

After cutting his teeth on the Human Genome Project, Nabil was hooked on genetics. Sixteen years later, his passion remains focused on enabling technologies to bring precision medicine to mainstream medicine.

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