Medical Lab Professionals Week at Sunquest

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Blog, OFF Onsite Search

Medical Lab Professionals Week is a time to celebrate you, the lab professional, for all you do to help patients. It’s also a fun and meaningful week for us at Sunquest. During this week we set aside time specifically to celebrate you, our clients and partners in the lab. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you at your place of work or at an industry conference. I look forward to meeting many more of you at the upcoming Sunquest User Group (SUG) meeting this summer. But, until I get a chance to do so in person, I’d like to thank you here.

While there was a time when the lab was seen as an afterthought in hospital development, even often located in the building basement—we are glad this is no longer the case! Sunquest has always believed that the lab is the heart of the hospital. We take pride in making sure our staff understands just how vital lab professionals and pathologists are to the delivery of patient care. Our daily interactions with medical lab professionals like you drive home the challenges and rewards of running a world-class lab. We’ve transformed these conversations and interactions into educational internal presentations and events for the Sunquest staff to continue celebrating and learning about lab professionals during this week dedicated to you. I, along with all of Sunquest, am constantly blown away by all you do.

But don’t think that these conversations stop there. These experiences go into the development of every Sunquest solution—it’s why we hire people with lab experience and why we spend so much time in our customers’ labs. We design our solutions with patient safety in mind and with laboratory professionals in our hearts, guiding the way, improving usability, efficiency and making patients safer. You are helping shape healthcare every day. Together, we are giving every patient the best chance at good health.

You are the heart of hospitals and healthcare. This week, and every week, we thank you.

Happy Medical Lab Professionals Week!

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