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Bringing the Power of Genomic Medicine

Bringing the Power of Genomic Medicine to Patients and Providers

MedComp relies on Sunquest Mitogen™ to improve the accuracy of genetic interpretations for better healthcare decisions. Automated workflows and current variant knowledge make precision medicine accessible.

Manage Your Laboratory Business at Every Step

Manage Your Laboratory Business at Every Step

Multidisciplinary medical laboratories have complex workflows and operational and business challenges, such as driving better patient outcomes, enhancing laboratory efficiency and optimizing financial results.

From point-of-care and laboratory outreach to test utilization, clean order capture, instrument management, results delivery and diagnostic informatics, Sunquest laboratory solutions work in tandem and independently to enable single- and multi-site hospitals and laboratories to support the continuum of care every step of the way.

Regardless of care setting, Sunquest solutions help you take action to provide more services to more physicians, improve laboratory utilization, and get paid for tests performed.

Manage Your Laboratory Business at Every Step
End-to-End Diagnostics and Connectivity

End-to-End Diagnostics and Connectivity

Molecular, clinical and anatomic pathology labs grow the business by providing superior reliability and diagnostic integrity, shorter turnaround times and improved patient safety.

Highly optimized enterprise connectivity allows laboratories to seamlessly integrate data arriving at the lab, within the lab, and results from the lab for complete interoperability.

Sunquest provides informatics solutions so you can maintain patient-centric and clinical focus on diagnostics and analytics, and adhere to the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency, always with a focus on patient safety.

Precise Targeted Diagnostics and Treatment

Precise Targeted Diagnostics and Treatment

Precision medicine can help clinicians provide highly specific diagnoses and targeted treatments that take individual variability into account. Laboratories need to manage complex, multi-step wet bench work and voluminous genetic variant data. Clinicians need concise, clinically actionable reports from your laboratory.

Sunquest provides leading-edge laboratory informatics for molecular diagnostics and precision medicine that enable laboratories to produce efficient and accurate genetic interpretation and analysis, to give every patient the best chance at good health.

From the wet bench to the dry lab, Sunquest helps you start and grow molecular and next generation sequencing (NGS) testing services.

Precise Targeted Diagnostics and Treatment
Sunquest is More than a LIS company

More Than Just A LIS Company

Sunquest provides healthcare organizations across the world with end-to-end diagnostics solutions to manage multi-site, multidisciplinary laboratories so you can enhance efficiency, optimize financial results and drive better outcomes for patient care.

From our international office in Tucson Arizona, or one of our many offices around the world including Australia, Sunquest is not just another LIS company we are your partner in healthcare.

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