Automated workflows, current knowledge make precision medicine accessible

MedComp relies on Sunquest Mitogen to improve the accuracy of genetic interpretations for better healthcare decisions.

Genetic testing has the power to improve patient care, but putting that power to work for everyday use requires tools that make it easier to connect the work of the laboratory with decisions made in the clinic.

When MedComp Sciences prepared to update its lab to meet this demand, they worked with Sunquest to develop a workflow system that would modernize its laboratory system and ensure that genetic interpretations were made with the most accurate and up-to-date variant knowledge.

MedComp Sciences had three specific objectives:

  • Developing a 21st-century laboratory information management system (LIMS) purpose-built for molecular diagnostics
  • Facilitating report generation that clearly indicates the clinical significance of variants and, where appropriate, the implications for treatment
  • Improving the accuracy of genetic interpretations to complement and extend clinical data for better healthcare decisions

MedComp Sciences chose the Sunquest Mitogen™ platform. Because Sunquest’s engineering team has both laboratory expertise and strong history in data management, the development and implementation process was responsive and efficient. Sunquest “knows what has and hasn’t worked in the past,” said MedComp Sciences Lead Geneticist Jason Walker, PhD. “The finished product is something we are truly proud of at MedComp Sciences. It is an investment we have made in laboratory quality and in our future.”

Reporting and variant interpretation tools from Sunquest Mitogen complemented the modernized LIMS system, to create an automated workflow system integrated from sample acquisition and processing through interpretation and report creation. Automation is the key to allowing MedComp Sciences to keep expanding their service. The ability to scale both tests and reporting makes it possible to add new tests and more volume quickly and at a lower cost. MedComp Sciences also joined Sunquest’s VariantWire initiative. VariantWire empowers laboratories in the United States and Canada to share structured genetic data in real time. Through collaborative exchange of variant knowledge, labs can make variant calls with greater accuracy and more confidence. The end result is better, more accurate diagnoses for individual patients.

For MedComp Sciences, that means helping clinicians understand how an individual patient might react to different medications. Through their Personalized Wellness testing suite, MedComp Sciences can help prevent adverse drug reactions and reduce the time—and expense—for patients to find the most effective treatment for conditions including cancer, chronic pain and depression. With Sunquest Mitogen and the enhanced knowledge of VariantWire, these insights can be more accessible for more physicians and patients.

Download our MedComp Sciences case study to learn more about how Sunquest Mitogen’s genetic technology is expanding the possibilities of patient care.

Matthew Hawkins

President, Sunquest Information Systems

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President/CEO of Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. With more than 20 years experience in health IT leadership, Matt is passionate about technology’s role in improving the quality of patient care.

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