Healthcare Interoperability for Precision Medicine

Molecular and genetic testing laboratories need to deliver accurate results to clinicians with fast turnaround times

Interoperable by design

The Sunquest Mitogen™ molecular LIS / LIMS  and clinical genetic analysis software are interoperable by design. Sunquest Mitogen helps molecular diagnostics and genetic testing laboratories improve the flow of data, information, variant knowledge, and orders and results, allowing labs to:

  • Take electronic orders 
  • Manage processes from the wet bench to the dry lab
  • Integrate across health systems and laboratory networks
  • Leverage curated variant knowledge sources
  • Collaborate with other genetic testing labs
  • Deliver the latest results to clinicians and electronic medical records (EMRs)

Healthcare interoperability in the molecular laboratory and across lab networks

In the lab and across laboratory networks, Sunquest Mitogen for molecular diagnostics and genetic testing allows labs to affordably bridge gaps in automation, control custom processes, and share information.

Laboratory information systems (LIS, LIMS)

  • Manage lab workflow from wet bench to dry lab
  • Communicate with lab instrumentation
  • Access diagnostic reports

Information and knowledge sharing

  • Share report templates and report content
  • Share diagnostic knowledge

Healthcare interoperability for genetic analysis & reporting

Genetic variant analysis and data sharing go hand-in-hand. Sunquest Mitogen improves clinical reporting across the field of genetic testing by supporting:

  • Access to professionally curated variant knowledge sources
  • Real-time variant knowledge shared between member laboratories
  • Interoperability for inter-laboratory collaboration

Interoperability enables pathologists, data scientists and lab directors to create reports using variant knowledge from many sources of curated data including genomic, biological, population, and phenotypic variant databases.

Labs can also share de-identified, clinically validated genomic data and collaborate on variant interpretation and knowledge –in real-time – as a member*  of the VariantWire laboratory network. This variant knowledge has proven more timely than most other data sources.  Members have access to an ever-growing knowledgebase of more 49,000 clinically-validated variants, 22,000 genes, and 400 diseases – updated in real-time by member laboratories.

Healthcare interoperability with clinicians

Sunquest Mitogen  provides an interoperable orders and results infrastructure to allow molecular diagnostics laboratories to take electronic orders , deliver electronic results, including specific variants, and provide subsequent variant-level updates when new variant information is discovered.

Orders and results

  • Provide clinicians with electronic ordering and results

Clinician portal

  • Provide clinicians with visual cues to manage the receipt and review of patient reports
  • Allow clinicians to search their patient population along multiple dimensions
  • Deliver reports via HL7 / FHIR to EMR / EHR or use as a standalone genetic report management system

Variant update alerts

  • Deliver variant updates to clinicians when the state of clinical variant knowledge changes for a patient

Data sharing with EMRs and EHRs

  • FHIR API integration (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Standard)
  • Export genetic testing reports and variants in FHIR-compatible format
*Membership is managed by VariantWire