Sunquest Mitogen™ Clinical Genetic Analysis Software

Scalable genetic analysis for your clinical next generation sequencing (NGS) laboratory

Report on meaningful, clinically actionable variants

Sunquest Mitogen™ provides scalable genetic analysis for clinical laboratories performing next generation sequencing (NGS)-based testing. This is the dry lab component of DNA sequencing used by pathologists, data scientists and lab directors to perform variant annotation, interpretation and clinical reporting. The secure, cloud-based application scales from single gene tests to panels, exomes, and whole genomes.

Cancer genetic testing

From inherited cancer panels (e.g., BRCA, Lynch Syndrome) to solid tumor profiling, our clinical genetic analysis and reporting software provides the insights oncologists need to properly diagnose and treat their patients.

Inherited disease testing

At all stages of life - from pre-conception carrier screening to prenatal, newborn, and adult testing, our variant analysis software can quickly identify the significance of variants in genetic disorders, so you can best advise patients and their families on how to treat and prevent disease.

Pharmacogenetic testing

By having access to information on variations in gene response to the latest medications, clinicians can avoid adverse reactions to improve patient safety and drug treatment efficacy, even before treatments begins, to ensure your patients have the best outcomes.

Generate clinical genetic reports in minutes, not hours

At Sunquest we understand the value of your time, as the available genetic knowledge exponentially expands and your lab testing volume grows, you need a solution that can be highly automated to quickly produce clinical genetic reports.  Sunquest Mitogen's templates, automated filters, and user-configured logic allow you to quickly and easily generate full-featured and editable reports that are timely and clinically actionable.

Electronic report delivery and alerting to clinicians

Clinicians receive electronic test results through HL7 and PDF output that integrates seamlessly with EMR systems, the variant interpretive process doesn’t end once a report is delivered; clinicians receive updates linked to the patient record that alert them when new information is learned about their patients’ variants.

Scalable variant filtering, annotation, analysis and assessment

Sunquest Mitogen's genetic analysis software helps you to identify meaningful variants in a sea of data, enabling you to annotate and filter your dataset using genomic, biological, population, and phenotypic variant databases. Quickly analyze your patient samples and produce consistent, actionable, and rich clinical reports.

  • ClinVar
  • gnomAD
  • ExAC
  • Monarch Initiative
  • MyCancerGenome
  • 1000 Genomes Project
  • dbSNP
  • OMIM
  • BWH Pathology
  • Orphanet
  • HPO
  • LOVD
  • eBioPortal

Curated premium content and data

Integrated into Sunquest Mitogen are third-party professionally curated content from:

  • Monarch Initiative
  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) Pathology cancer content
  • Jackson Labs (JAX-CKB) clinical trials and drugs (available as an option)

About the inclusion of access to the Monarch Initiative’s curated data

The Monarch Initiative is an integrative data and analytic platform connecting phenotypes to genotypes across species. For example, a mutation may give rise to similar diseases in multiple species, including humans. Monarch Initiative brings this data together to help identify a patient’s clinical features.

VariantWire™ real-time data sharing across labs

Our genetic analysis software helps power data sharing through the VariantWire network where de-identified, clinically validated variant and gene data can be shared in real time with participating member labs for high quality variant interpretation.

Each laboratory can choose to participate and can grow its own genetic knowledgebase for standardized interpretations and exchange knowledge across a network of peer institutions. 

Efficiently grow your clinical genetics lab volume with scalable genomic software

Comprehensive genetic analysis and clinical reporting

  • Variant filtration, annotation and storage
  • Variant assessment tools
  • Knowledge management and report generation
  • Report delivery, EMR interoperability, and updates to clinicians
  • Networking and collaboration tools

Adding new tests

  • Create, view and download data for tests, including 5,000 genes
  • Add genes in bulk from diseases associated with the test
  • Conveniently past relevant genes when adding coverage regions on a test

Variant filtration and annotation

  • Import transcript and genomic reference sequences and associate them with test content and variant nomenclature
  • Identify, track and annotate test findings
  • Quickly and consistently identify clinically significant variants

Variant assessment

  • Identify the significance of variants of unknown significance
  • Use impact prediction software
  • Curate evidence from databases and literature

Knowledge curation & management

  • Use the up-to-date variant knowledge from public and private databases, tying variants to diseases, available therapeutics, and clinical trials from content providers
  • Easily integrate your lab’s own clinical variant knowledgebase
  • Store and manage genetic variant information and patient case histories

Diagnostic reporting

  • Generate customizable patient reports from sharable templates, logic, reusable content
  • Edit reports with a WYSIWYG editor that supports rich-text elements such as images, charts and tables
  • Manage workflow for report editing and release

Report delivery & clinician updates

  • Connect with EMR and laboratory information systems (LIS and LIMS)
  • Export reports and variant data using FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Standard)
  • Inform clinicians of changes in variant classification by patient

Scalable & flexible with 24/7 support

  • Grow your business while managing complexity
  • Scale from single cancer gene to tumor-normal exome analysis
  • Interact with a dedicated implementation team focused on your workflow
  • Receive expert 24 x 7 support

Sunquest Mitogen is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified 

ISO 9001 (Quality Management) & ISO 13485 (Quality Management System for Medical Devices) are internationally recognized and independently verified certifications that document Sunquest has implemented quality management systems to ensure products and services consistently meet customer needs and applicable regulatory requirements.