Precision Medicine

Efficiently and accurately analyze molecular and genetic data for more personalized, precise patient care

The future is here. Precision medicine transforms the way patient care is delivered from a standard therapy-approach to one that is personalized for a patient's specific disease makeup. With our leading-edge solution, Sunquest aims to equip laboratories with the innovation to make this a reality. 

Sunquest Molecular™

Molecular tests often require more extensive sample workup than traditional diagnostic tests, leading to complex workflows and unique quality control challenges. Sunquest defines complex protocols, presenting the end user with a workflow process that is standardized, error-free and efficient. Moving from paper-based systems to today’s automated tracking will benefit labs by reallocating FTEs to value added activities, and enable labs to manage multiple tests per specimen to better defend lab developed tests in audit through automation of complex protocols, proactive inventory management, and robust quality controls.


GeneInsight streamlines the analysis, interpretation and reporting of complex genetic test results. 

  • Secure, cloud-based application that supports the clinical genetic testing workflow at scale
  • Provides tools and infrastructure that enable users to identify, track and annotate findings in real time 
  • Real-world validation is provided via clinical use in CLIA-approved genetic testing laboratories since 2005
  • Single solution to support all genetic testing: somatic, inherited, genotyping, panels, exomes, genomes

FDA-registered Class I exempt medical device. Clinical users, including Partners HealthCare Laboratory for Molecular Medicine and BioReference Laboratories, have used the solution to generate more than 40,000 genetic test reports for inherited and somatic analysis.

GeneInsight Strategic Partnership

GeneInsight Strategic Partnership

The Sunquest and GeneInsight strategy is to enable providers and laboratories to maximize...

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