Sunquest Blood Bank™

Sunquest improves the management of blood products to reduce waste and make care safer for patients.

Sunquest Clinical helps labs better manage blood inventory and eliminate repeat phlebotomies by providing a fully integrated and robust blood bank system. It enables providers to manage blood products issued to patients in a hospital or centralized transfusion service. 

Efficient blood inventory & processing

  • Barcode readers for inventory and processing 
  • Support for ISBT 128
  • Electronic crossmatch  
  • Multi-facility inventory control
  • Unit tag barcoded variables for accession, medical record and unit number
  • Quality assurance checking with password override

Committed to quality and compliance 

Like all Sunquest products, our regulatory affairs team monitors the quality system regulations for medical device manufacturing and ensures Sunquest processes conform to FDA regulations and reporting requirements. Sunquest's blood bank solution is FDA cleared. In addition, regulatory affairs ensures compliance to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003. Sunquest monitors AABB guidelines and offers software that enables blood banks to comply with current regulations.