Sunquest iMentor™

Sunquest iMentor™ provides up-to-date, intuitive and easy-to-use e-learning modules for Sunquest solutions. Short, interactive learning modules mean less time training and quicker applicability to day-to-day usage. Product feature simulations enable the learner to practice in the software, accelerating time to proficiency. Sunquest iMentor is a fully functional Learning Management System, keeping all training records stored and easily accessible.

With Sunquest iMentor you get:

  • Full access to interactive, self-paced curricula, including:
  1. Sunquest Laboratory™
  2. Sunquest CoPathPlus™
  3. Sunquest PowerPath™
  4. Sunquest VUE™
  5. Sunquest Clinical Collect™
  6. and many more!
  • Updated content for all product upgrades
  • Complimentary registration for all web conferences and web seminars


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All-inclusive Options

We have a number of iMentor packages designed to meet your individual and organizational needs. See our iMentor subscription packages for details.

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Classroom and Online Workshops

Sunquest University offers a variety of live classroom and online sessions for all levels. 
Many of our live events are P.A.C.E.® certified. Click the schedule link to view topic and credit hour information.

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