Diagnostic Communities

Connect your laboratory to the diagnostic community to standardize orders, optimize revenue and enable faster, more accurate treatment decisions.

With reimbursement changes and provider consolidation occurring at a breakneck pace, connecting across the care continuum has become more critical than ever. Outreach and inreach strategies will help organizations provide and deliver laboratory testing in a cost-efficient, scalable way. 

Sunquest Community™

Sunquest provides your organization with a closed-loop solution to connect to physicians, transport, track, process and test specimens, provide excellent customer service and manage your outreach business. 

  • Web-based physician portal for easy order placement and electronic results viewing
  • Flexible interfaces connect your physician EMR for seamless communication of orders 
  • Mobile courier routing and tracking 
  • Comprehensive CRM helps manage clients, track sales and marketing activities 

Sunquest Financial™

Sunquest Financial automates and manages laboratory business activities for high-volume independent laboratories and hospital outreach laboratory programs. Unlike many other financial system packages, Sunquest Financial is a comprehensive solution that combines A/R, billing and general ledger functions with fully-integrated regulatory compliance tools. It also offers the ability to define an unlimited number of patient charge-tos for greater flexibility and has the ability to generate electronic client invoices for faster and more secure biliing.



University of Miami Health System (UHealth) has standardized not only their laboratory instrumentation but also their processes and workflows for exceptional patient care. Spanning over 600 square miles, UHealth serves a large number of geographically disperse patients. By partnering with Sunquest and the core laboratory on their main campus, they have been able to keep 85 percent of testing within a local laboratory which returns test results to physicians in minutes rather than days. ”