Lab Analytics and Business Intelligence

Actionable information about your laboratory operation for more informed decisions

Having the right diagnostic information easily available enables better decisions to be made more quickly. Sunquest diagnostic intelligence tools provide the real-time data analysis you need to maximize the performance and efficiency of your lab operations. We support your organization’s efforts to maintain compliance, make smarter clinical decisions and understand where waste or bottlenecks may be occuring. 

Sunquest Analytics™ provides drill-down information and analysis capabilities in a dashboard-like metric comparison of information for decision makers at all levels. This data can be acquired and displayed in real time, and the solution is scalable for a single user or a large global enterprise. It gathers and shares critical information to ensure that the laboratory and lab managers have the most accurate data in real-time to make the most informed and optimal decisions.

Fully integrated with the entire suite of Sunquest solutions, the entire diagnostic community just got smarter.