Sunquest VUE™ - Advancing Anatomic Pathology Diagnostic Workflow

Innovation. Increased Speed. Precision.

Sunquest VUE™ is an innovative solution that helps improve decision-making and efficiency challenges in the anatomic pathology workflow. This new, intuitive solution advances comprehensive reporting and streamlines the diagnostic process for anatomic pathologists nationwide. Diagnosticians are provided a single, holistic view of relevant patient data from multiple sources (AP, CP, and EMR/EHR) and are able to customize the analysis layout to meet their individual needs. 

Elegant and feature-rich, Sunquest VUE supports a highly configurable worklist, customizable widgets, one-stop test ordering from within a case, and an intuitive text editor with live report preview capabilities. The result is a workflow that streamlines diagnostic decision making, creates efficiencies, and reduces system requirements.

Sunquest VUE™ fully integrates with Sunquest clinical and anatomic pathology solutions. Learn more about Sunquest Anatomic™.

Sunquest VUE key features include:

  • Dynamic diagnostician worklist
  • Comprehensive patient view
  • Integrated live reports editor
  • Quality assurance case and procedure sign-out
  • Customizable analysis layout using widgets:
  1. AP materials, image and document access
  2. Integrated staff contact center
  3. EHR document access
  4. Clinical results review, history and trending


Sunquest VUE Testimonial - Pathologists Bio-Medical Laboratories (PBM) >

~Brian Johnson, Director of Business operations and IT, PBM Laboratories

Now we can actually show dollar-for-dollar, minute for minute, how much time this product saves [our] pathologist, and we can put hard numbers on rolling this out to the remainder of our group. It makes it an easy decision for our financial folks in our management committees to say we've proven in the real world VUE™ can save X number of minutes, x number of hours for this sub specialty of pathologist this is what it costs. ”

Brian Johnson, Director of Business operations and IT, PBM Laboratories

~Dr. LaToya Keglovits, Hematopathologist, PBM Laboratories

What Sunquest VUE™ does nicely is it brings everything together and helps you to get a more global picture to see what's going on with the patient so that you are able to render a more accurate diagnosis for the patient. ”

Dr. LaToya Keglovits, Hematopathologist, PBM Laboratories