Client Innovation Awards

At Sunquest, we value our clients. They are more than just clients, they are our partners. They provide us feedback, ideas and a real-world testing ground for our solutions and new product ideas. In addition, these same clients are not only changing Sunquest development, but also, overall patient care. Their innovative thinking is making a real impact in the lives of people across the world.

Sunquest Client Innovation Award

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s Sunquest Client Innovation Awards:


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for innovation in diagnostic communities

At several ambulatory locations affiliated with UPMC, paper was used exclusively to capture data and print collection labels for patient test samples, and clinical results data was manually entered into their EMR system. With Sunquest, they created an interoperable infrastructure that enabled them to remove paper entirely and:

  • Place orders electronically
  • Interface with Sunquest to automate collection label printing
  • Perform testing on an interfaced analyzer and have those lab results made readily available in the physician and hospital EMRs.

As a result, laboratory technologists eliminated many labor-intensive manual processes such as handwriting results on report sheets, manually programming the analyzer, collating patient reports from the instrument and manually faxing reports. The ambulatory facilities have also improved turnaround time of results to patients.


BSA Health Systems for innovation in public health management - keeping the community healthy and happy

Several times a year BSA holds public health fairs where participants can get their blood pressure checked, BMI calculated, and their blood glucose and lipid levels measured at no charge.  These health fairs were helping manage population health but were a strain on clinical Lab personnel.

BSA leveraged Sunquest specimen collection and tracking solutions to automate the process. Instead of lab personnel manually registering, ordering and labelling the specimens and then slowly making their way around the lab, specimens are drawn by 10:00 am and the results are available only a few hours later.


Carolinas HealthCare for innovation in transfusion management for system-wide transformation

Carolinas HealthCare suffered from common, time consuming issues regarding blood transfusions. In addition to process inefficiencies, audit reports revealed there were discrepancies in documentation.  They implemented Sunquest’s transfusion management solution system-wide to eliminate errors and ensure patient safety.

In week two after implementing the solution, 90 percent of transfusions being done used Sunquest’s solution.  Today, the solution is live at 12 hospitals and four inpatient rehab facilities and is used by more than 8,000 users. Additionally, the solution enabled them to achieve HIMSS Stage 7 at two facilities.