Mission & Values

Since 1979, Sunquest has remained committed to delivering solutions that enable faster, more accurate diagnostic decisions. We remain laser-focused with a clear mission in mind and compass for how we treat our clients and each other.

Sunquest Mission

Sunquest makes healthcare smarter and patients safer by bringing highly reliable, timely, and relevant diagnostic information to the point of care.

Sunquest Values


Integrity. We build trust through making and keeping commitments.

Agility. We act quickly, decisively and pursue the fastest course to accurate solutions. We take calculated risks.

Innovation. We constantly stretch ourselves to efficiently achieve the best results. Our curiosity leads us to solve problems most people cannot.

Partnership. We have the best clients in the world and treat them as partners. We play well with others.

Team. We believe work and fun go together. We create an environment where winners like to be.

Tenacity. We exemplify strength of purpose, persistence and determination.

Flawless Execution. We seek to get it right, the first time.